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A solution for shift management at a big store!

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Forge providing solution for shift management for a big store, we have made this solution for web and mobile platforms both. In this system Admin can add companies and stores and manager will be attached to stores. Shift can be created by managers and the can also manage hiring process for shifts After hiring process done users can see any shift in store and they can pic shift base on own criteria.

The system also generates payments base on shift hours worked by staff. In the mobile app we have given option for time clock feature by user can start his time at time they enter in store and also pause or stop time at the time shift get close.


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1. Powerfull Admin

This system has really powerful admin by this they can manage each store and create new companies based on requirements. It also provide good analytics reports to admin so that admin can see his system's progress.

3. Staff Area

In Staff area we also were given a calender in which they can see all shift in which stores they get approved by applying for opportunity. They can see future shifts created by manager and pick shifts base on own time area in which they feel free. After picking a shift manager gets notificaion that which user has taken which shit.
Through his admin area of staff, they can manage his shift in and out time which automatically calculates and show them for payment of his work for that shift.

2. Manager Area

Manager area is really easy and has attractive view with calender for managing shifts. Manager can create some opportunity for hiring new staff and also manage shifts for future.
They get option for exporting shifts time and payment sheet base on worked by staff.

4. Mobile App

The Mobile app is really amazing for staff and manager for making shift management. Staff gets notification before starting shift so they get alerted for moving for shit and going store also staff can start clock by using shift In / out feature so at then end of shit they can see his wages on screen for that shift.


Ruby On Rails


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