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A place for listing property which connect buyer and seller.

About the Project

Property E-office is platform where brokers/agent and anyone can add his property for Buy/Sell/Rent. In this we have created a robust admin panel through they verify each listing and user before adding any property so it makes this app more reliable and active listing.

How It Works

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1. Mobile Number Verification

In this system, we verify each user before adding property using their mobile number. He have to get verified his mobile number using OTP. After approval he becomes a active user and have access for adding property.

3. Utilities

In this app we have given some utilities which really required in property market such as Area Calculator, Calculator, Compass, DLC price listing also givien feature for shairing news with users.

2. Adding Property

By this system user can Add property for Buy/Sell/Rent for adding property we have designed some form based on category where user have to fill property details.

5. Filtier and Navigation

It's Mobile ui is really easy to use and through it user can easily change city and area also. We have given three tab for Buy/Sell/Rent in which we also given filter for searching property for Home, shop, plot etc...


Zend Framework


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