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RAADR - Online Peace of Mind
RAADR - Online Peace of Mind
RAADR - Online Peace of Mind
RAADR - Online Peace of Mind

About the Project

This project is design to solving issue for monitoring child's social activity, by this parents create an account and add his child also link their social account with Raadr. Our Raadr system keeps parents updated for child daily social activity by emails. It also givs options for more monitoring with some keywords and topics which are offend to use for child and if child do any social activity with thse topic and keywords system send notificaion to parents!

How It Works

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1. Social Accounts Monitoring

It's has integrated social apis (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) for reading child accounts data so while working with Raadr we have to get speciality for working with Social APIs.

3. Notifications

It makes parents update on child posting on social media, Parents choose some topics and add some keywords if child make any posting which include these stuff parents get notifications for it.

2. Daily update

We have setup a scheduler for sending email to parents for his child daily activity email summary which updted to parent for his new friends, followers/following and posts.

4. Add your child

We have also developed ios and Android app for getting notification on parents mobile also parents can manage his child data through mobile app. We also show him data in graphical way so it's give really good data presentations.


Ruby On Rails


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