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Vdrink App

Sharing photos and drinking experiance with friends.

About the Project

Vdrink is an app which created for Drinkers who want to share his drinking experience with his friends. In it we have also given features for enjoying in Happy Hours! In this Vdrink collaborated with some bars for Delhi and Jaipur city which was showing on google maps and list view.
User can see the nearest bar from his location and also can check it out happy hours time and enjoy on demand happy hour.

How It Works

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1. Social Feed

In this we show in social feed of his friends and publish feed in which people shared his drinking moments and share opinion about drinks.

3. Follow/Like social features

This app also has options for Add friends and like, Comment features like other social apps. So user can add some social friends and give his social reaction on his posts.

5. Happy Hours Clock

In this app user can enjoy Happy hours at any listed bars on demand for it he have to go at bar and start Vdrink Clock which give him option for enjoying happy hours for an hour.

2. Media Sharing

We have given a option in which user easily can share drinking photos with location and also mark it has public and private option for sharing pics.

4. Google Maps

Google map integration is really cool, by this user can easly see nearest bars on map and also get direction for particular bar from his locaton.




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